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November 25, 2007
Bordeau wins Race, Reeves wins Championship at New Smyrna Speedway
by Jane Smith

Logan Bordeau, sixteen year old racer from Apopka, took the big prize in the 100 lap race

Samsula, FL (November 24, 2007) Emotions were high at New Smyrna Speedway Saturday night as the Advance Auto Parts Pro Trucks ran 100 laps for their Championship race. With the top two only six points apart, both drivers were nervous as a cat. With a field of twenty six trucks, anything can happen and both knew it.

Points leader Kevin Henry set fast time and also pulled the 0 pill starting the field straight up. Scott Reeves, sitting only six points behind Henry, started a little further back and would definitely have to work his way up to the front and finish at least three spots ahead of Henry for the Championship.

After an on-track autograph session and a visit from Mr. and Mrs. Claus, Chad Akins, the 2006 Pro Truck Champion, gave the command to start your engines and we were off to the races.

Henry quickly took the point on the green over Logan Bordeau, Scott Bishop, Dalton Zehr, and Travis Hanson. As they fought for position, the caution came out on lap 5 for Phil Luizzo, Jarred Cawley, and Michael Pilla. All were fine but rejoined the field in the rear for the restart.

The race was back green on lap 9 as Henry continued to lead the way over Bordeau, Bishop, Zehr, Hanson, Austin Howell, Jessica Murphy, Scott Reeves, and George Gorham, Jr.

Jessica Murphy put the heat on Howell for sixth as Reeves followed Murphy for seventh putting Howell in eighth. Just as racing heated up, Jen Crossman brought out the yellow as she spun rejoining the field in the rear. Henry once again held the point followed by Bordeau, Bishop, Zehr, Hanson, Murphy, Reeves, Gorham and Howell.

Gorham lookied high and low to pass Reeves but each time Reeves shut the door and held his position. But on lap 20, Jen Crossman spun again in turn 2 bringing out the yellow once more.

Lap 22 saw the green as Henry lead the way over Bordeau, Bishop, Zehr, and Hanson. Henry began to build his lead seeing that Championship right before him but 78 laps were left and there are no guarantees in racing. Gorham once again put the heat on Reeves but Reeves quickly shut the door.

Suddenly on lap 28 Gorham spun in turns 1 and 2 due to lap traffic. Gorham gave back his spot and the race was back green. As the racers chased Henry, the caution came out again for Jim Campbell who spun low in turns 1 and 2. At this time Gorham was quickly down pit road for a few adjustments on his truck.

On the restart, Bordeau began to put a lot of heat on Henry for the point but Henry held him off while Hanson found himself going side-by-side with Jessica Murphy for fifth. Murphy ran the outside with Hanson on the inside. Just as Hanson really felt the heat, A.J. Factor spun at the bottom of turn 2 bringing out the yellow.

Bordeau once again looked on the restart to pass Henry but Henry had nothing to do with it. Murphy, who took over fifth, went high giving Reeves the opportunity to slip by and take over fifth as Murphy settled into seventh.

On lap 49, midway, Bordeau took advantage of Henry's slip and passed Henry for first. Henry quickly gathered the truck back up for second followed by Bishop, Zehr, Hanson and Reeves. Murphy went high and Reeves went low for sixth but Reeves held his position as Murphy settled back into seventh.

But Murphy was not done and tried once again to take over sixth as Reeves was seventh. In the meantime, Bordeau set sail on the field with a half lap lead over everyone. Jim Campbell brought out the caution as he spun in turn 2. Somehow Bordeau did a great job of avoiding the spinning car. Campbell wass fine and rejoined the field in the rear of the lead lap.

On the restart, Zehr put heat on Bishop for third but Bishop held strong. Bordeau continued his lead over Henry, Bishop, Hanson and Zehr. Zehr and Hanson gave the crowd a great show as they went side-by-side for fourth. But Zehr proved he is the stronger truck and held his position in fourth and Hanson must settle for fifth.

Bishop put the heat on Henry for second but Henry was too strong and held him off. Bishop rans low, Henry high as Henry slid just a little allowing Zehr and Hanson to move passed him for third and fourth and Henry in fifth. The top two in points were right behind each other - Henry in fifth and Reeves in sixth.

Lap 90 saw the yellow for Jessica Murphy who spun on the backstretch. Since the last 10 laps must be under green, the race restarted on lap 90 as Bordeau lead the way over Bishop, Zehr, Reeves, Hanson, Henry and Gorham.

Then the heartbreaking moment arrived when Henry suddenly slowed and was forced on pit road. Thinking he might be out of gas, it is sadly discovered that he has lost his MSD Box and is out of the race and no longer in the lead for the Championship.

With only a handful of laps to go, Bordeau crossed the checkered followed by Scott Bishop, Dalton Zehr, Scott Reeves, and Travis Hanson. Both Bordeau and Reeves celebrated in Victory Circle as Reeves is the new 2007 Advance Auto Parts Pro Truck Champion.


1 Logan Bordeau 33b
2 Scott Bishop 22
3 Dalton Zehr 119
4 Scott Reeves 21
5 Travis Hanson 141
6 George Gorham 10
7 Ricky Moxley 38
8 Austin Howell 96
9 Mark Evans 50
10 TJ Chamber 57
11 Keith Lilly 87
12 Jarred Cawley 31
13 Bill Stacy 32
14 AJ Factor 62X
15 Jim Campbell 73
16 Steven Thompson 20
17 Kevin Henry 99
18 Jessica Murphy 62
19 Phil Luizzo 27
20 Jen Crossman 54
21 Blake Koch 34
22 Mark Mesito 84
23 Buck Buchanan 7
24 Ricky Bullard Jr 00
25 Michael Pilla 24M
26 Tim Bagnall 01

Late Model - Features
Pos Driver Car #
1 Alan Bruns 4B
2 Donny Williams 111
3 Gregory Skyta 73
4 Richard Sapp 44
5 Ricky Lindner 98
6 Philip Myburgh 24

Mini Stock - Features
Pos Driver Car #
1 Steve Griffin 3
2 Jeff White 15
3 Rex Christensen V3
4 Benjamin Zell 10
5 Mark Broat 6
6 Danny Brennan 23 DNS
7 Jesse Powers 32 DNS

Modified - Features
Pos Driver Car #
1 Alan Bruns 4B
2 Gary Fountain, Jr 77
3 Jim Flynn 57
4 Ardell "Art" Kunzeman 9
5 Don Strosahl 15
6 Jack Kennedy 88
7 Jeff Colburn 3
8 Bobby Joe Woodley, II 98 DNS

Sportsman - Features
Pos Driver Car #
1 Donny Williams 111
2 Mike Pletka 23
3 Theodore Head 92
4 Brett Woodley 99
5 Philip Luizzo 27
6 Dale Howard 63
7 John Nusbaum 70
8 Steven Farris 13
9 Bruce McGonigal 6
10 Jason Foster 49 DNS
11 Ed Kennedy 51 DNS

Strictly Stock - Features
Pos Driver Car #
1 Eric Wolf 69
2 Eric Douglas Wolf, Jr. 70
3 Leandro Putelli 554
4 Richard Goodrich 86
5 Brent Bruner 20
6 Sonny Pond 912
7 Maureen Dahm 21M
8 Jarrett Korpi 4B
9 Harry Armstrong 77
10 Roger Mullins 15
11 Christopher Sclafani 21
12 PJ Mascaro 48
13 Lloyd Pond 11
14 Dustin Higdon 4
15 Robert Pence 88
16 Charlie Gall 89
17 Curtis Smith 93
18 Jeffrey Lewis 51 DNS

Super Stock - Features
Pos Driver Car #
1 David Gould 16
2 Geno Smith 25
3 Billy Belflower 14X
4 Jeffrey Parrish 05X
5 Mike Dahm 21
6 Bruce McGonigal 22
7 Dale Meade 07
8 Edward Barber 23
9 JT Tippins 31
10 Kerry Belflower 15X
11 Michael Wofford 15
12 Michael Amato 2X
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