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Race Results

 Charlotte County Speedway Hangover Enduro Results

 Eve of Destruction Results - Charlotte County Speedway

 USA Sprints 2004 Southern Thunder Tour Champion Andy Kelly

 Southern Sportsman Results at DeSoto Speedway

 Mike Hovis wins Brian Davidson Memorial 150 at Charlotte County Speedway

 Todd Anglani wins LLM at Hialeah Season Finale

 East Bay Features “POWDER-PUFF” Racing Return On A Cool December Night

 Dawayne Bryan wins AACS at Desoto Super Speedway

 Billy Mowery wins Corteco Gulfcoast Modified Race at Charlotte County

 East Bay Gets Visit from Craftsman Truck Rookie of the Year David Reutimann

 Auburndale Ends 2004 Season with a Busy Night

 Styer wins on final lap of LLM at Hialeah

 Martin Pierce tops LLM 100 Lapper at Desoto

 Roger Smathers tops 55 Car Enduro at New Smyrna

 Dwayne Dempsey Wins a Pair in Winter Spectacular III

 Snowball Derby Postponed until next Saturday

 Fontaine wins AACS at Desoto Super Speedway

 Three Wide Highlights CRASH-A-RAMA at SpeedWorld

 Rick Sirmans Wins 100 Lap Feature at New Smyrna

 Wayne Jefferson Big Winner at Desoto Super Speedway

 Spencer Taylor tops FASTKIDS at Auburndale

 Robbie McAuliffe wins 75 Lapper at Sunshine's Final Night

 Jeff Choquette tops 35 car field to win 39th Annual Governor's Cup

 Richie Henry takes 50 lap LLM Feature at Hialeah

 Jeff Choquette Wins Governor's Cup, Rick Sirmans takes FMSC 100

 Six Classes Crown Six 2004 Champions At East Bay Raceway Park

 Pamela Weaver big winner at Auburndale

 Ron Campbell tops 25 lap OWM at Sunshine

 Eric Black returns to Victory Lane at New Smyrna Speedway

Citrus County Speedway

Southern Short Track Stock Car Racing

Motorheads Directory of MotorSports

January 1, 2005
Eve of Destruction Results - Charlotte County Speedway
Eve of Destruction results for December 31, 2004 from Charlotte County Speedway are as follows:

4 Cylinder Kids Legal
1. 40 Jessica Green
2. 97 unknown
3. 3 Sean Steen
4. 7 Cody Pitts
5. 23 Ronny Anderson
DNS 33 Chris Loney

Paul Revere's Midnight Ride
1. 09 Doug Raastad
2. 18 Craig Amboyan
3. 05 Mason Love

Men's/Women's Switch Off Enduro
1. 93h Billy Hammond / Linda Schmal
2. 26 David Delman / Debbie Fulco
3. 36 Zane Reid / Susan Reid
4. 30 Chris Huntoon / Selina Kuykendall
5. 4 Larry Brannen / Jackie Ashley
6. 74 Doug Economy / Carol Khaleel
7. 09 Doug Raastad / Ann Marie Ricardi
8. 95 Jeff Bradley / Ashley Hall
9. 777 Craig Berntson / Rene Berntson
10. 18 Craig Amboyan / Hope Summey
11. m17 Billy Magill / Lori Cade
12. 95x John Hall / Andrea VanDine
13. 39 Lee Bresett / Jilli Gates
14. 92 Richard Dupont / Margie Rumbold
15. 99 unknown
16. 1 unknown
17. 7 Jody Butler / Sharon Gray
18. 911 Phil Peterson / Lisa Duncan
19. 178 unknown
DNS 88 Larry Rudd / Cindy Hashem
DNS 16 Aaron Reber / Cheryl Reber

Blindfold Race
1. 31 Jerome Watland
2. 7 Jackie Ashley
3. 11 Robert Hendry
4. 16 Aaron Reber

Women's Enduro
1. 18 Hope Summey
2. 93 Linda Schmal
3. 36 Susan Reid
4. 16 unknown
5. 4 Jackie Ashley
DNS 23 Leanne Pollock

4 Cylinder Adult Enduro
1. 1x Roger Blevins
2. 31 Jerome Watland
3. 6 Sean Bates
4. 15 Walter Forbes
5. 2 Chris Powell
6. 8 Ray Lang
7. 7 Mike Pitts
8. 19 Brandon Anderson
9. 21 Randy Kyle
10. 29 Justin Girling
11. 93 Jeff Firestine
12. 95 John Hall
13. 8up Mike Bialecki
14. 49 John Prescott
15. 97 Timmy Hendry
16. 3 Bob Voeks
17. 11 Norman Dismuke
18. 22 Ruby Clay
19. 96 Thomas Cepeda
20. 98 Joey Suggs
21. 18 Travis Amboyan

4 Car Elimination Drags
1. 05 Mason Love
2. 93 Jeff Firestine
3. 12 Eddie Lawler
4. 11 Robert Hendry

Reverse Race
1. 05 Mason Love
2. 0 Linda Schmal
3. 93 Jeff Firestine
4. 12 Eddie Lawler
5. 30 Chris Huntoon
6. 15x Clint Snyder
7. 19 Roger Pfau
8. 20 Dan Partelo
9. 311 Mike Crooks
10. 777 Craig Berntsen
11. 74 Tim Lookedoo
12. 91 Jacob Scott
13. 31 Jerome Watland
14. 15 Matt Brown
15. 4 Larry Brannen
16. 18 Craig Amboyan
17. 68 unknown

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 Citrus Closes 2004 with 2 Day Winter Spectacular

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 East Bay Raceway Park Gears up for 2004 Finale and 2005 Winter Nationals

 Drivers have FINAL Chance to Practice at SpeedWorld this Wednesday

 Final Race Night Buffet will honor area track and series champions

 Bobby Orr returns to New Smyrna Speedway


 Greenwood Chevolet to Sponsor first ever FASCAR Pro Truck race this Saturday at Columbia


 FASCAR Pro Trucks debut this Saturday at Columbia Motorsports Park

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