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November 14, 2004
Eric Black returns to Victory Lane at New Smyrna Speedway
by Jane Smith

Samsula, Fla. (November 14, 2004) A cool night greeted fans at New Smyrna Speedway but the racing was anything but cool. Kids enjoyed school bus rides in anticipation of the CRASH-A-RAMA at Orlando SpeedWorld on November 26.

Five Thunder Roadsters made their way to New Smyrna for a pretty good, tight race. Hutch Hudson had the pole for their 15 lap feature but it was Jim Wade leading the way on the green followed by Squeak Kennedy, Hudson, Allie Owens and Don Pearchy. Alli Owens brought out the yellow when she spun in turn 2 and Pearchy retired from the race.

Wade held the point on the restart but not for long as Squeak Kennedy took over the point followed by Wade, Owens and Hutdson. Hudson puts the pedal down and passes both Owens and Wade and takes over second. Squeak Kennedy takes the checkered followed by Hutch Hudson, Alli Owens, Jim Wade and Don Pearchy Hutch Hudson won the heat race.

Brian Bellaw had the pole for the Late Model feature but before a lap was down, Charlie Vest and Chuck Burkhalter found themselves alittle too close as they got together going into turn 1. Burkhalter hit the wall and had to be towed into the pits with Vest going in for some sheetmetal removal before rejoining the field.

On the restart, Bellaw had his hands full with Sam Watts who took the point followed by Bellaw, Jeremy Fitch, A.J. Curreli, and Mark Smith. Curreli passes Fitch for third and then takes over second from Bellaw. Watts holds on for the win and takes the checkered followed by A.J. Curreli, Brian Bellaw, Jeremy Fitch and Mark Smith.

Chuck Burkhalter and Sam Watts won the heat races.

Art Kunzeman had the pole for the Modified feature followed by Tom Root, Jerry Symons, Jim "Hoot" Flynn, and Ken McCracken. Root takes over the point as Kunzeman slids back to fourth. Then Root finds his hands full of a very hard charging Jerry Symons on his tail. Symons makes his move and takes over the point while Root is going side-by-side with Flynn for second. Flynn proves he has the power and takes over second as Root settles into third. Symons takes the checkered followed by Jim "Hoot" Flynn, Tom Root, Art Kunzeman, and Ken McCracken. Jerry Symons took the heat win.

Alli Owens lead the way for the Mini Stock division but it was Dick Laszlo who took the point on the green followed by Owens, Ben Cutler Jr., Brian Bellaw and Ted "Mr Mini Stock" Vulpius. Owens passes Laszlo for the lead as Laszlo slids back to fifth. Cutler finds his hands full of Vulpius who has his own problems with Robbie Storer on his tail. Vulpius passes Cutler taking over second with Storer on his hells going to third and Cutler settling into fourth. Vulipus takes the lead but it is short lived as Storer takes the point and the checkered followed by Ted "Mr Mini Stock" Vulpius, Allie Owens, Ben Cutler Jr., and Dick Laszlo.

Robbie Storer won the heat race.

Eric Black, after too long of an absence at New Smyrna, had the pole for the Super Lates and won. Black was followed by Rusty Ebersole, Patrick Conrad and A.J. Factor. Conrad passes Ebersole for second but could not catch Black for the point. Black takes the checkered followed by Patrick Conrad, Rusty Ebersole, and A.J. Factor.

Rusty Ebersole took the heat win.

The Speedway Pull and Save Strictly Stocks went for 25 laps with Richie Laszlo on the pole. Laszlo took the point on the green followed by Bruce Muh, Gordon Houck, Jose Riveria, and Chris Guildry. Kevin Hawkinberry moves into the fifth place spot as Guildry goes to sixth. Riveria passes Houck and takes over third. Hawkinberry decides that fourth looks pretty good and moves into fourth as Houck goes to fifth.

The yellow comes out for Curtis Smith who spins on lap 7. Muh holds the point on the restart followed by Riveria, Laszlo, Hawkinberry and Houck. Hawkinberry passes Laszlo for third while Riveria takes over the point from Muh. The yellow comes out for Eric Ripley and Allan Tanguay who spin on the backstretch on lap 11. Also involved is Ed Michalk who is forced to retire to the pits.

Muh gets back the point on the restart as Hawkinberry and Riveria are doing some pretty serious side-by-side action. Coming off third going into four they touch with Riveria done for the night and Hawkinberry blackflagged and sent into the pits. Muh holds the point on the restart followed by Laszlo, Guildry, Mike Wofford and Gordon Houck. The yellow comes out for Curtis Smith who has a fire under the hood. Smith pulls the car to pit road and the safety crew quickly gets the fire out but Smith is done for the night.

Muh holds the point on the restart followed by Laszlo, Guildry, Wofford and Bruce McGonigal Jr. Guildry finds his hands full as Wofford takes over third, McGonigal fourth and Houck fifth. The yellow comes out for the last time for Seth Oertli who spins in turns 1 and 2. Muh holds the point and takes the checkered followed by Richie Laszlo, Bruce McGonigal Jr., Gordon Houck, and Eric Ripley.

Racin Jason Foster had the pole for the Super Stock feature but it was Josh Wronkowski who took the point on the green followed by Ron Whaley, Jody Oertli, Pat Buckley and Jack Lenzen. Buckley passes Oertli and takes over third with Jack Lenzen passes Oertli for fourth and Oertli settling into fifth. Ron Whaley passes Wronkowski for the lead and gets it as Wronkowski goes to second followed by Lenzen, Buckley and Oertli.

Lenzen does something that most can't and passes Whaley for second and sets his view on Wronkowski who has the point. But Wronkowski holds strong and takes the checkered on lap 10 as the rain begins to come down. Wronkowski is followed by Jack Lenzen, Ron Whaley, Pat Buckley, and Jody Oertli.

Jack Lenzen and Josh Wronkowski won the heat races.

The Sportsman feature was rained out and a double Sportsman feature will run on November 27.



1. #23 Eric Black
2. #9R Patrick Conrad
3. #23 Rusty Ebersole
4. #62 A.J. Factor
5. #41 Derek Strong DNS
6. #05 Mike Cappa DNS


1. #73 Sam Watts
2. #2 A.J. Curreli
3. #23 Brian Bellaw
4. #11 Jeremy Fitch
5. #48 Mark Smith
6. #07 Chad Ashley
7. #38 Randy Cook
8. #21 Frank Barberie
9. #44 Charlie Vest
10. #lx Chuck Burkhalter
11. #1 Coy Riddle DNS


1. #66 Jerry Symons
2. #57 Jim "Hoot" Flynn
3. #19 Tom Root
4. #09 Art Kunzeman
5. #56 Ken McCracken
6. #70 Dave Savicki DNS

SPORTSMAN (rained out - double features 11/27)


1. #21 Josh Wronkowski
2. #211 Jack Lenzen
3. #2 Ron Whaley
4. #34 Pat Buckley
5. #210 Jody Oertli
6. #49 Racin Jason Foster
7. #27 Barry Parks
8. #33 Bruce Wingate
9. #50 Anthony King
10. #73 Scott Smith
11. #31 J.T. Tippins
12. #29 James Adams
13. #1 Justin Dixon


1. #9 Robbie Storer
2. #71 Ted "Mr Mini Stock" Vulpius
3. #22 Allie Owens
4. #83 Ben Cutler Jr.
5. #07 Dick Laszlo
6. #11 Pug Puglisi
7. #6 Mark Broat
8. #61 Rick Gamache
9. #1 Brian Bellaw
10. #v3 Rex Christensen DNS


1. #60 Bruce Muh
2. #07 Richie Laszlo
3. #22 Bruce McGonigal Jr.
4. #99 Gordon Houck
5. #12 Eric Ripley
6. #77 Chris Ridley
7. #75 Tim Logue
8. #15 Mike Wofford
9. #X Chris Guldry
10. #28 Seth Oertli
11. #91 Curtis Smith
12. #007 Allan Tanguay
13. #73 Jose Riveria
14. #88 Nick Boley
15. #65 James Smith
16. #7 Ed Miochalk
17. #42 Kevin Hawkinberry DQ'D


1. #2 Squeak Kennedy
2. #90 Hutch Hudson
3. #lx Allie Owens
4. #60 Jim Wade
5. #74 Don Pearchy
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