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December 11, 2009
Mother Nature Wins at Volusia Speedway Park December 11th
Barberville, FL (December 11, 2009) Mother Nature put a halt to all racing at Volusia Speedway Park Friday night. Night 2 will see Florida Late Models and UMP DIRTcar Sportsman in action. Join us December 12 for some great racing action.
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October 31, 2009
Dalton Strehle Takes Home the Money at Volusia Speedway Park
by Jane Smith

Barberville, FL (October 30, 2009) In spite of only eleven cars entered for the 100 lap EERY Enduro at Volusia Speedway Park, General Manager Tonya Moschell did not cut the purse of $2,000.

"We really expected more of a turnout lik6e last year, but somehow there was a miscommunication of the cars that could race keeping some of the best drivers at home. But in spite of all that, Dalton Strehle ran home and got his 4 Cylidner Challenger and ended up $2,000 richer at the end of the night."

"Hopefully by not cutting the purse, drivers will see that no matter what happens and how few cars do show up, Volusia Speedway Park stands by it's word always and this will bring more cars next time."

The eleven cars started from a dead standstill on the green as James Strehle took the lead on the green followed by Randy Strehle, Tom Parker, Davey Wolf and Dalton Strehle. Garrett Stewart, normally drives a Sportsman, had a problem before the green ever waved with a leaking fuel tank. Stewart was taken off the track and started at the very rear off pit road on the green but still had problems and was unable to race.

With any enduro, the dead cars are left on the track unless they are in a position deemed harmful to the driver. This left the #L9 of Stewart and #77 of James Strehle stuck on the track. Dalton Strehle took little time before he had the point over Randy Strehle, Wolf, Charles Creech and Jason Tovet.

Davey Wolf does a quick 360 in turn 4 but continues on as Tom Hughes has a flat on his ride. Hughes takes the #11 into the pit for a quick tire change as Strehle continues his lead over Randy Strehle, Tovet, Tom Parker, and Wolf. By lap 11, Dalton has lapped the entire field putting everyone a lap down.

By lap 14, it is Dalton, Wolf, Randy Strehle, Tovet and Parker leading the way. Lap 18 sees Tom Hughes rejoin the field after his pit stop for a flat tire. By lap 23, Dalton has lapped all cars but the second place car of Wolf putting everyone two laps down to the leader. Lap 26 sees Parker put the heat on Tovet and takes over fourth as Tovet goes to fifth. It is now Dalton, Wolf, Randy Strehle, Parker and Tovet.

By lap 28, Dalton is getting closer and closer to Wolf, putting him two laps down. By lap 32, Dalton has passed Wolf putting him two laps down to the leader. All thru this, Tovet has his windshield wipers going full blast as he cannot see anything out of his windshield. By lap 36, Dalton has lapped the fifth place car of Tovet making him three laps down to the leader.

Lap 41 sees Parker pass Randy Strehle for third as Dalton continues to lead the way over Wolf, Parker, Randy Strehle and Tovet. One lap later, lap 42, Parker and Randy Strehle are side-by-side once again for third but Parker holds his grounds and maintains the position. Lap 43 Dalton passes the third, fourth, and fifth place cars putting them now three laps down to the leader. It is Dalton, Wolf, Parker, Randy Strehle and Tovet. One lap later, Dalton has a good one quarter track lead over Wolf who is still two laps down to the leader. And all the time, Tovet has his windshield wipers going strong.

Halfway point - red flag as the cars are realigned for the next fifty laps in the reverse position. Dalton is in need for gas but under the rules, gas cannot be added during the red flag. Dalton did not even have his car at the track and once he found out that he could race it, flew home to get it without adding gas from the last race. This means that the leader must stop during a green flag lap to gas his car. Although you must remember, he has a two lap lead over the field.

It is a real challenge now since cars are not use to going in the opposite direction around the track now drivers. Will they stand up to the challenge??

Once again on the green, Dalton jumps to the lead over Randy Strehle, Wolf, Parker and Tovet. Lap 51 sees Parker do a 360 on the frontstretch but is able to continue on and keeping his fourth place position. Garrett once again tries to take the #L9 on the track and once again it faulters, unable to race. In the meantime, Wolf puts the heat on Randy Strehle and takes back second. Lap 56, Tovet dies on the backstretch and is out of the race.

Dalton, who is very low on fuel, takes his ride into the pits for gas on lap 59 as Wolf takes back his lap and is the new leader on lap 61. But as fast as Wolf got the point, he loses it on lap 62 as he spins as Randy Strehle takes over the point. But it is a short lived feat as Dalton comes back and retakes the position over Wolf, Parker, Randy Strehle, and Scott Brumfield.

Wolf and Dalton do some hard racing, especially since it is for $2000, as Wolf takes back the point on lap 68. Tom Hughes at this point has no left rear tire left and is racing basically on the hub but racing. By lap 73, Wolf has built a thirty car lead over second place Dalton.

Lap 73 sees James Strehle retire his ride once again as it is smoking badly. James had problems in the beginning and now again at the rear. By lap 76, Dalton begins to reel in Wolf, trying to retake the point as Wolf has about a two car lead over Dalton. The top four cars are almost tail to tail as they go for the gold. It is Wolf, Dalton, Parker, Randy Strehle, and Brumfield.

Lap 79 sees Dalton pull to the tail of Wolf but Wolf holds on. Lap 81 sees Parker spin in turn 3 and obviously cannot refire the car. It is now Wolf, Dalton, Randy Strehle, Brumfield and Adam Cody. By lap 84, Wolf has lapped the fifth place car of Cody. Suddenly on lap 85, Wolf is out. Wolf limps his car to the pits with a fire under the hood as Dalton once again takes over the point followed by Randy Strehle, Brumfield, Cody and Tom Hughes.

Dalton Strehle takes the checkered winning $2000 with a car that he got to the track at the very last minute. Following Dalton to the checkered was Randy Strehle, Scott Brumfield, Adam Cody and Tom Hughes.

No one brought trailers for the twisted trailer race so that was cancelled however Charles Creech and Adam Cody ran a two lap reverse race with Creech winning due to Cody having problems getting his car to drive in reverse.

Volusia Speedway Park will be closed during the month of November with the Volusia Speedway Park Night of Champions on November 21. Volusia Speedway Park will return to racing action on December 10, 11 and 12th with the Convention Holiday Classic.

For more information on Volusia Speedway Park go to www.volusiaspeedwaypark.com.

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Track Length: 1/2 mile
Surface:Dirt (clay)  9 Banking
Location:Deleon Springs
CLASSES: Late Model-
Street Stock - Hobby Stock - Mini Stock- Pure Stock   Racing Saturdays 7:30 PM
Located just 15 miles west of Ormond Beach. From I-95, take exit 88 west on State Rd. 40. From Highway 17, take State Rd 40, 5 miles east of Barberville.
1500 E. Hwy. 40
Deleon Springs, FL 32130

Tonya Moschell General Manager

2004 Volusia Speedway Champions

2003 Volusia Speedway Champions
Late Model ROHO SIMS
Street Stock PAUL SHEAD

2001 Volusia Speedway Champions
Late Model   Paul George
Street Stock  Joe Baker
Hobby Stock  Richard Price
Mini Stock  Paul Sheppard
Pure Stock  Heinz Haas

2000 Volusia Speedway Champions
Late Model -- MIKE EUBANKS
Hobby Stocks -- DAVID LEBEAU
Street Stocks -- DAVID KINSEY
Pure Stocks -- LANCE LEE


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