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Advertising Exchange Features
Start your engines -we'll drive you traffic

                                   General Features
Quick Start
Sign up, submit your banner, and begin receiving traffic within minutes! We make it easy for you to get started.

POWER Click-throughs
Other exchanges show your banner once for every two times you show someone else's banner. The
MotorLinks Banner Exchange gives you 33% more.

Carefully Screened Sites
By carefully screening every site and banner to ensure only G-rated content on our network, you are assured no inappropriate material will appear on your site.

A new approach--you can see exactly which sites your banner will show up on. Your banners will be displayed on motor sports sites so the right people will see your banner.

Banner Freedom
Gif and Jpeg
Your banners may be in both formats and you may use animated Gif banners.

Multiple Banner Sizes
Currently you can use  468x60, 400x40, and  the 88x31 minibutton which is increasing in popularity on the web.

Advertise Multiple Banners
Simultaneously you can submit as many banners as you want and specify the relative frequency of each.

Multiple Pages
You can put the exchange banner on as many pages as you like!. One account covers as many pages on your site as you want.

Large Banner Size
Banners may be up to 15 kilobytes in file size.
More Member Benefits

Detailed Daily Site Statistics
Real-time access to your statistics. This includes how many times your banner was displayed, how often your banner was clicked on, click through ratio, how many visits your page has received, and how many times your page's banner was clicked on.

Instant Password Lookup
If you lose your password or member ID just enter your e-mail address and your ID number and password will be sent to you immediately.

Referral Program
For every person you refer that becomes an active member, you receive bonus click throughs! This gives you the opportunity to get more visitors to your site simply by telling other people about our service.


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