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HTML Code: You must place one of the HTML codes as given,
unmodified, on your web page. Modification of the HTML code is
grounds for termination. We may accommodate special requests
for different HTML codes.

Content Guidelines: All sites and links thereon must be suitable
for all ages (nothing pornographic, "adult", or offensive) and not
involved in (nor have links to) any illegal activity (such as warez,
hacking, etc.) or gambling. Conformity to this criteria will be at
MotorHeads and trafficx's sole discretion. All Sites must be of
motorsports content OR SPONSORS of Motorsports!

Placement Guidelines: There are no placement requirements
regarding position on your page, but remember that membership
brings you no benefit unless someone clicks on the banner on your
web page.

Cheating: Dishonest practices including but not limited to the
following are not allowed: artificially inflating credits, mouseover
redirection, automatic redirection, etc.

Banner Guidelines: Banners may be 400x40 or 468x60.
Banners may be as large as 16 kilobytes. The Content
Guidelines above also apply for banner content.

Member Termination: If you end your account for any reason, or
we terminate it for infraction of these terms, your credits will be
forfeit and you will receive no compensation for them.

Termination: If we terminate your account for any reason
other than an infraction of these terms, you will receive the traffic
due your web site for any remaining credits.

Refusal of Service: We reserve the right to refuse service, or
terminate any account, for any reason.

Changes to these Terms: We may change or amend these terms
at any time. All members will be bound by the new terms one week
after notification of changes or amendments by email


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