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MotorLinks gives all motor sports webmasters a chance to advertise their site for free. Each member places the MotorHeads banner HTML code on their web site, and thus displays other members'  banners. Meanwhile, their own banner is being displayed all over the network. So, whether you are just running your own personal home  page about your dragster, promoting your racing team, or running a site for a huge racing business, MotorHeads gives you  a chance to have your page seen.
Frequently Asked Questions

What do I have to do?
To join MotorLinks Banner Exchange, you simply agree to the terms of service and fill out the registration form. You will then receive your personal ID number and will then be able to login to the member services site to manage your account. There you will setup your pages and banners, and get the html codes to place in your web pages. As soon as you have placed the HTML code into your page, you will begin to accumulate credits.

What are Credits?
Credits are just a simple way of keeping track of how you are doing in the
MoterLinks Banner Exchange.  For every 3 times you show a banner on your site  your banner will be displayed 2 times on other participating sites.

What banners will be shown on my site?
Only banners of other motor sports sites will be displayed on your site. This is better than other exchanges since who wants to see an banner ad for knitting or horticulture on a racing site.

What about my privacy?
Your e-mail  address will remain private. We will not sell nor give out to anyone your email address or any other information. 

I forgot my password, what now?
If you forget your password or personal ID, send an e-mail with your user name to

How many banners can I put on my site?
You can put a banner on each page of your web site. The code for each page will bear a different number, so the servers at
KARNAC will know the difference.

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