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   The Dave Westerman Collection

The following pages are part of the Dave Westerman Collection of Florida Racing History. These photographs were kindly made available to be included as part of the Florida Stock Car Racing web site.

Many thanks to Dave and also to Carl Mobley who scanned the photographs and made it possible for us to include them here. Dave Westerman is the track announcer and Carl Mobley is currently doing the videography at Orlando Speedworld. 

At the bottom of each page we have added a ‘next’ button to make it easy to scroll through the Westerman Collection. Also at the bottom of each page there are links to the main part of the Florida Stock Car Racing site.

There are now 29 pages with over 175 photographs which comprise the Westerman Collection.
Some of the photos are rather small and eventually you will be able to see a full page image for most of them.   Enjoy!                                                                         

Some of the drivers you
find in these pages are:
Buzzy Reutimann
Dick Anderson
Dave McInnis
Dick Trickle
Donnie Rutherford
Gary Balough
LeRoy Porter
Jeff Swindell
Bobby Brack
A.J. Foyt
Robert Hamke
Kenny Schrader
Steve Kinser
     And many, many more!

Dave Westerman
Follow the Links Below for Dave's Collection:

Dave Westerman lives in  Orlando, FL and s
aw his first race in 1958 in Ft.Wayne Indiana. Dave started going to Orlando Speedway in 1962. He was a regular at that track as well as Eau Gallie Speedway and Golden Gate Speedway in Tampa for many years and spent considerable time at  South Florida tracks (Hialeah & West Palm) while stationed at Homeastead Air Force Base in the 70's.

Dave began announcing at Orlando Speedworld in 1985 Dave has also been the announcer at Volusia County Speedway, New Smyrna Speedway and Sunshine Speedway.

He currently announces for the Classic Auto Racing Series at tracks throughtout Florida.

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