Dave Westerman Collection

Photos Provided By Dave Westerman -Scanning by Carl Mobley
Barbara Pierce Barbara Pierce 1990 Bill Loomis 1990 Billy Pratt Bob Luscomb 1969 Bobby Gill
Barbara Pierce.jpg Barbara Pierce 1... Bill Loomis 1990... Billy Pratt.jpg Bob Luscomb 1969... Bobby Gill.jpg
Bobby Gill_David Rogers Bobby Sears Bobby Sears 1990 Bruce Lawrence_David Russell Butch Hall 1975 Cindy Clifton 80s
Bobby Gill_David... Bobby Sears.jpg Bobby Sears 1990... Bruce Lawrence_D... Butch Hall 1975.jpg Cindy Clifton 80...
Darren Gould 1991 Dave Waddell 1990 David Rogers 1975 David Russell 1985 Dick Anderson OSW Don Heckman 1975
Darren Gould 199... Dave Waddell 199... David Rogers 197... David Russell 19... Dick Anderson OS... Don Heckman 1975...
Donnie Narmore Doug Mays 1990 Doughty_Craig_Crabtree Dude Teate Ed Meredith 1990 Gary Salvatore 1990
Donnie Narmore.jpg Doug Mays 1990.jpg Doughty_Craig_Cr... Dude Teate.jpg Ed Meredith 1990... Gary Salvatore 1...
Jerry Symons 1990 Jerry Symons ca 1990 Jim Crowe_Ed Meredith Jim Sills John Darveau John Potts
Jerry Symons 199... Jerry Symons ca ... Jim Crowe_Ed Mer... Jim Sills.jpg John Darveau.jpg John Potts.jpg
Leroy Porter OSW Mike Fitch 1990 Mike Kubanek Mike Loescher 1990 Richard Newton 1990 Rick Ferrel 1974
Leroy Porter OSW... Mike Fitch 1990.jpg Mike Kubanek.jpg Mike Loescher 19... Richard Newton 1... Rick Ferrel 1974...
Ricky Marshall 1990 Ronnie Burkett_Ricky Marshall 1990 Scott Bramlett Shane Russ 1990 Stan Eads 1990 Steve Latham
Ricky Marshall 1... Ronnie Burkett_R... Scott Bramlett.jpg Shane Russ 1990.jpg Stan Eads 1990.jpg Steve Latham.jpg
Steve Latham Ronnie Roach Bob Ackerbloom Wally_Tommy Patterson
Steve Latham Ron... Wally_Tommy Patt...

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