Dave Westerman Collection

Photos Provided By Dave Westerman -Scanning by Carl Mobley
Bill Royjon Bill Roynon 1978 Billy Yuma 1978 Bob Luscomb Bobby Alexander Bobby Allen 1977
Bill Royjon.jpg Bill Roynon 1978... Billy Yuma 1978.jpg Bob Luscomb.jpg Bobby Alexander.jpg Bobby Allen 1977...
Bobby Allen 1978 Bobby Unser Jr 1978 Brazil_Smith_Carman Buzzie Reutiman Carlton Calfee Corbin_Kinser_Tobias
Bobby Allen 1978... Bobby Unser Jr 1... Brazil_Smith_Car... Buzzie Reutiman.jpg Carlton Calfee.jpg Corbin_Kinser_To...
Dan Jones Danny Smith 1980 Dave Scarbrough 1980 Dave Scarbrough 19801 Dave Scarbrough 19802 David Smith 1978
Dan Jones.jpg Danny Smith 1980... Dave Scarbrough ... Dave Scarbrough ... Dave Scarbrough ... David Smith 1978...
Dick Tobias 1978 Dick Trickle 1978 Don Mack Donnie Tanner Donnie Tanner 1978 Doug Wofgang 2
Dick Tobias 1978... Dick Trickle 197... Don Mack.jpg Donnie Tanner.jpg Donnie Tanner 19... Doug Wofgang 2.jpg
Doug Wolfgang Doug Wolfgang 3 Doug Wolfgang 4 Dub May 1978 Earnhardt_Childers Ernie Bass 1976
Doug Wolfgang.jpg Doug Wolfgang 3.jpg Doug Wolfgang 4.jpg Dub May 1978.jpg Earnhardt_Childe... Ernie Bass 1976.jpg
Frank Riddle Frank Riddle 1977 Frank Riddle 1980 Geoff Bodine 1978 Greg Leffler 1977 Jan Opperman 1978
Frank Riddle.jpg Frank Riddle 197... Frank Riddle 198... Geoff Bodine 197... Greg Leffler 197... Jan Opperman 197...
Jim Childers 1980 Jimmy Riddle 1978 Jody Ridley 78 Leland McSpadden 78 Martin _ Howe Mike Eddie 78
Jim Childers 198... Jimmy Riddle 197... Jody Ridley 78.jpg Leland McSpadden... Martin _ Howe.jpg Mike Eddie 78.jpg
Mike Shank 1980 PeeWee Griffin 1978 Ralph Ligouri Rehnl_Wiscon Rick Nichols 1980 Robert Smith
Mike Shank 1980.jpg PeeWee Griffin 1... Ralph Ligouri.jpg Rehnl_Wiscon.jpg Rick Nichols 198... Robert Smith.jpg
Sammy Swindell 1977 Sammy Swindell 1980 Sonny Hartley 1978 Sonny Hartley 1980 Stan Butler Steve Kinser
Sammy Swindell 1... Sammy Swindell 1... Sonny Hartley 19... Sonny Hartley 19... Stan Butler.jpg Steve Kinser.jpg
Steve Smith 1978 Wendell Scott
Steve Smith 1978... Wendell Scott.jpg


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