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It's time to race!

February 10, 2001

Boggs Tops STARS At East Bay

Jackie Boggs of Grayson, KY captured the Renegade STARS Racing Series sanctioned final night of the "25th Silver Anniversary Late Model Winternationals100" at East Bay Raceway in Gibsonton, FL Friday night. Driving The McDonalds of Maysville, KY/Swartz Race Cars/T & H Racing Engines/Steve Cascio Racing No. 4B Chevrolet Monte Carlo, the second generation driver held off a hard charging Billy Moyer over the final 25 laps to secure his second career Renegade STARS Racing Series triumph.

"This is just fantastic!", stated a very happy Boggs in victory circle. "The car was fast all night and I've got to give a special thanks to Swartz Race Cars. Once we got to the front we just had to keep out of trouble. Chub raced me hard there for awhile and then Billy gave me all we could handle but here we are. I've gotta' thank all of my sponsors and all of the fans for coming out and supporting us".

Moyer wound up second three car lengths behind Boggs with 12th starting Mike Balzano third, R.J. Conley fourth and 19th starting Rod Conley fifth. Completing the top ten were 22nd starting Dennis Erb Jr., 27th starting Rodney Franklin, 15th starting Bill Frye, 24th starting Terry English and Tim Dohm. Attrition played a major role in the event with only 13 of the original 28 starters finishing the race, ten of those on the lead lap.

At the drop of the green flag pole sitter Steve Lucas jumped into the lead but a five car pile-up in turn two brought out the caution before lap one was completed. Randy Korte and Davey Johnson both suffered major damage dropping them from the event. At the end of the first lap Lucas held the point with Boggs, R.J. Conley, Moyer and Frye trailing. Cautions on lap 5 for a Greg Lucas spin, lap 6 for a Steve Shaver spin and lap 10 for a flat tire on Delmas Conley's car slowed the pace.

Once the race resumed some great racing took place and all eyes were on Don O'Neal. Involved in the first lap crash, O'Neal used the extreme outside groove to work his way back to the front moving into third spot by lap 17. R.J. Conley had worked past Boggs for second by this point with Lucas running unchallenged. Working lap 21 Lucas entered turn one when Delmas Conley spun directly in front of the leader and with no place to go Lucas crashed into Conley as did Steve Shaver who had gone a lap down to Lucas the previous lap.

R.J. Conley inherited the lead at this point with Boggs sitting second followed by O'Neal, Moyer and Chub Frank. Caution again on lap 22 for Rick Eckert slowed the pace and at this point O'Neal headed pitside for a change of tires. Boggs shot past Conley for the lead on lap 25 with Moyer, Balzano and Frank filling out the top five. Three more cautions on laps 27, 29 and 33 slowed the pace.

By the halfway point the top ten running order was Boggs, Frank, R.J. Conley, Balzano and Moyer followed by O'Neal, Rod Conley, Erb Jr., Frye and Franklin. Boggs and Frank raced side by side through lap 51 with Frank nosing ahead to lead lap 52. Boggs regained the lead back on lap 53 only to have Frank return the favor on lap 54. Frank would lead through lap 58 with Boggs regaining the lead for good on lap 59.

By the three-quarter mark Boggs enjoyed a four car margin over Moyer with Frank third, Balzano fourth and R.J. Conley fifth then Rod Conley, Erb Jr., Franklin, Frye and Dohm. Frank's great run ended on lap 94 when he lost electrical power bringing out the last of the 15 cautions periods that slowed the event setting up a six lap shoot-out.

With three laps to go Boggs bobbled a bit exiting turn two allowing Moyer to close to his back bumper as the entered turn three. Moyer slipped between turns three and four giving Boggs the margin needed to secure the win.

The $50, 000 purse drew 84 cars to the semi-banked 1/3rd mile with Jackie Boggs earning the CARRERA SHOCKS "Challenge the Clock" Time Trial award with his quick lap of 15.060 seconds. Taking heat race wins were Steve Lucas, Billy Moyer, Don O'Neal, Steve Francis, Donnie Moran and Scott Bloomquist. The MASTERSBILT RACE CARS "B" Main's fell to Rod Conley, Rick Eckert and Ray Tucker while Steve Lucas scored the ISKY RACING CAMS Dash and Brian Birkhofer copped the "East Bay Raceway Invitational Dash"


Renegade STARS Racing Series

FEATURE (100 laps):
Pos. (Start) Car# Driver Laps Status $Won
1. (4) 4B Jackie Boggs 100 Running $12, 550
2. (7) 21 Billy Moyer 100 Running $5, 000
3. (12) E1 Mike Balzano 100 Running $3, 000
4. (5) 71C R.J. Conley 100 Running $2, 040
5. (19) 71R Rod Conley 100 Running $1, 740
6. (22) 28 Dennis Erb Jr. 100 Running $1, 540
7. (27) 1CJ Rodney Franklin 100 Running $1, 440
8. (15) 66F Bill Frye 100 Running $1, 300
9. (24) 96 Terry English 100 Running $1, 240
10. (13) 6T Tim Dohm 100 Running $1, 100
11. (25) 71 Delmas Conley 99 Running $1, 040
12. (10) 99 Donnie Moran 99 Running $900
13. (14) 1* Chub Frank 94 Electrical $800
14. (6) 12 Rick Aukland 82 Handling $735
15. (8) 71o Don O'Neal 59 Handling $650
16. (16) 30 Steve Shaver 55 Handling $600
17. (23) 2J Mike Johnson 50 Steering $590
18. (17) 1C Eddie Carrier Jr. 38 Rear-End $500
19. (28) 83 Scott James 33 Handling $540
20. (1) 5 Steve Lucas 29 Handling $600
21. (20) 24 Rick Eckert 21 Suspension $540
22. (26) 32 Greg Lucas 20 Handling $500
23. (21) 27 Ray Tucker 18 Rear-End $540
24. (3) 0B Scott Bloomquist 17 Running $560
25. (18) 00H Chuck Harper 16 Steering $500
26. (9) 15 Steve Francis 10 Suspension $500
27. (2) 00K Randy Korte 0 Accident $580
28. (11) 1J Davey Johnson 0 Accident $500
Time of race: 1 hour, 10 minutes.
Cautions: 15.
Lap leaders: Lucas 1-21, R.J. Conley 22-24, Boggs 25-51, Frank 52, Boggs 53, Frank 54-58, Boggs 59-100.
Provisional starters: D. Conley, Lucas, Franklin, James.

Pos. Car# Driver Hometown Time
1. 4B Jackie Boggs Grayson, KY 15.060 seconds
2. 71C R.J. Conley Wheelersburg, OH 15.069
3. 1CJ Rodney Franklin White Post, VA 15.146
4. 00K Randy Korte Highland, IL 15.148
5. 12 Rick Aukland Zanesville, OH 15.148
6. 0B Scott Bloomquist Mooresburg, TN 15.170
7. 5 Steve Lucas Charleston, WV 15.366
8. 21 Billy Moyer Batesville, AR 15.394
9. 83 Scott James Lawrenceburg, IN 15.397
10. 15 Steve Francis Ashland, KY 15.415
11. 6T Tim Dohm Charleston, WV 15.477
12. 1* Chub Frank Sugar Grove, PA 15.501
13. 7 Matt Miller Toledo, OH 15.536
14. 28M Jimmy Mars Elk Mound, WI 15.544
15. 71o Don O'Neal Martinsville, IN 15.552
16. 114 Randle Chupp Knoxville, TN 15.592
17. 96 Terry English Benton, KY 15.605
18. 32 Greg Lucas Whitesburg, KY 15.619
19. 66F Bill Frye Greenbrier, AR 15.658
20. 77B Barry Bragdon Wheelersburg, OH 15.664
21. 1C Eddie Carrier Jr. Leburn, KY 15.685
22. E1 Mike Balzano Parkersburg, WV 15.694
23. 99 Donnie Moran Dresden, OH 15.705
24. 24B Roy Deese Jr. Odenton, MD 15.751
25. 19 Jeremy Miller Littlestown, PA 15.756
26. 30 Steve Shaver Parkersburg, WV 15.780
27. 1J Davey Johnson Greensburg, PA 15.814
28. 75 John Gill Mitchell, IN 15.834
29. 9Z Jayme Zidar Greenfield, WI 15.888
30. 56 Gary Webb Blue Grass, IA 15.920
31. 0 Booper Bare Rockbridge Baths, VA 15.968
32. 10S Russ Scheffler Waukesha, WI 15.979
33. 24 Rick Eckert York, PA 15.982
34. 71M Lance Matthees Winona, WI 15.997
35. 53 Ray Cook Brasstown, NC 16.028
36. 00H Chuck Harper Beverly, WV 16.055
37. 28 Dennis Erb Jr. Carpetnersville, IL 16.063
38. 71R Rod Conley Wheelersburg, OH 16.068
39. 64 Ryan Dauber Tonica, IL 16.099
40. 17M Dale McDowell Rossville, GA 16.103
41. 66 Joey Izzo LaSalle, IL 16.109
42. 18 Shannon Babb Deactur, IL 16.113
43. W7 Thomas Ware Cynthiana, KY 16.126
44. 11 Ace Ihm Hazel Green, WI 16.145
45. 7N Bill Pearson Portola, CA 16.154
46. S9 Dan Schlieper Pewaukee, WI 16.165
47. 28B Dick Barton Ashville, NY 16.166
48. 27 Ray Tucker Greensboro, NC 16.182
49. 50 Ed Dixon Washington, MO 16.225
50. 98 Pete Broughton Wimauma, FL 16.239
51. 42 Todd Andrews Eldred, PA 16.239
52. B12 Kevin Weaver Gibson City, IL 16.294
53. 82 Andy Fries Mercersburg, PA 16.313
54. 27J Danny Johnson Phelps, NY 16.350
55. 1P Earl Pearson Jr. Jacksonville, FL 16.453
56. 33 Al Purkey Coffeyville, KS 16.469
57. 5M Sammie Halcomb Bluffton, OH 16.491
58. 2J Mike Johnson Imperial, PA 16.503
59. 11S David Smith Inman, SC 16.527
60. 31T Bobby Turner Canton, GA 16.533
61. 15B Brian Birkhofer Muscatine, IA 16.582
62. 12C Cortney Clewell Cambridge, OH 16.598
63. 6M Wendell Wallace Batesville, AR 16.609
64. 2 Anthony White Clinton, TN 16.659
65. 21M Jason Montgomery Jackson, OH 16.665
66. 71 Delmas Conley Wheelersburg, OH 16.724
67. 32C Vic Coffey Lieceister, NY 16.776
68. 17T Shannon Thornsberry Martin, KY 16.783
69. D2 Nolan Dalton Morgantown, WV 16.843
70. 3 Steve Smith Powell, TN 16.883
71. 28G Tim Hitt Weston, WV 17.119
72. j0 J.O. Nobles Nahunta, GA 17.233
73. 21D Dan Stone Thompson, PA 17.269
74. 32S Ronnie Smith Waco, KY 17.395
75. 17G Mike Gault Gaffney, SC 17.458
76. 7L Randy Lucas Apex, NC 17.473
77. 70 1/2 Anthony Rushing Kosciusko, MS 17.505
78. 45K John Kresser Jr. Chicago, IL 17.660
79. 10 Dennis Lamb Front Royal, VA 17.988
80. 02M Jody Moore Red House, WV 18.351
81. J8 Billy Jones Danville, KY 18.715
82. 25 Jody Summerville Rome, GA 19.195
83. 007 Jeff Weber Clayton, GA 21.751
84 1K John Anderson Omaha, NE NT

HEAT #1: S. Lucas, Boggs, Frye, Bare, M. Miller, Ware, J. Miller, Erb Jr., Stone, E. Paerson Jr., Dixon, Lamb, Birkhofer, DNS - Coffey. (top three advanced to the feature)

HEAT #2: Moyer, R.J. Conley, Shaver, Rod Conley, Bragdon, Broughton, Ihm, Purkey, Thornsberry, R. Smith, Clewell, Moore, Scheffler, Mars. (top three advanced to the feature)

HEAT #3: O'Neal, Davey Johnson, Carrier Jr., James, Eckert, Andrews, Dauber, B. Pearson, Gault, Halcomb, Wallace, Jones, Franklin, DNS - Dalton. (top three advanced to the feature)

HEAT #4: Francis, Balzano, Korte, Chupp, Matthees, Weaver, M. Johnson, White, S. Smith, Summerville, Schlieper, R. Lucas, Gill, DNS - McDowell. (top three advanced to the feature)

SCOTT PERFORMANCE WIRE HEAT #5: Moran, Dohm, Aukland, Izzo, Barton, Fries, Montgomery, Rushing, Zidar, Cook, Hitt, English, D. Smith, DNS - Weber. (top three advanced to the feature)

HEAT #6: Bloomquist, Frank, Harper, Deese Jr., Tucker, Webb, D. Conley, Danny Johnson, Babb, Turner, Kresser Jr., Nobles, Anderson, G. Lucas. (top three advanced to the feature)

MASTERSBILT RACE CARS "B" Main#1: Rod Conley, Erb Jr., Bare, E. Pearson Jr., Stone, Purkey, Scheffler, Clewell, Lamb, Moore, Birkhofer, Broughton, Dixon, J. Miller, Ihm, Ware, M. Miller, Bragdon, Thornsberry, R. Smith, DNS - Coffey, Mars. (top two advanced to the feature)

MASTERSBILT RACE CARS "B" Main #2: Eckert, M. Johnson, James, Schlieper, Andrews, Franklin, Weaver, White, Gill, S. Smith, Matthees, Gault, B. Pearson, Wallace, Nobles, Dauber, R. Lucas, DNS - Chupp, Summerville, Dalton, McDowell. (top two advanced to the feature)

MASTERSBILT RACE CARS "B" Main #3: Tucker, English, Deese Jr., Barton, Webb, Montgomery, Turner, D. Smith, Anderson, Nobles, Kresser Jr., Zidar, Danny Johnson, Cook, Rushing, D. Conley, Fries, Izzo, Babb, DNS - Hitt, Weber, G. Lucas. (top two advanced to the feature)

ISKY RACING CAMS DASH: S. Lucas, Korte, Bloomquist, Boggs, R.J. Conley, Aukland. (finish determined the first three rows of the feature)

INVITATIONAL DASH: Birkhofer, Ware, White, Weaver, Matthees, Dixon, E. Pearson Jr., Moore, Turner, Nobles, Purkey.

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