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Dave Scarborough


The Wargo's Garage gold and white coupe Dave Scarborough ran at Palm Beach in 1960.

On the first ever night of racing at Golden Gate Speedway in 1962, a skirmish erupted between Will Cagle and Dave Scarborough. Scarborough finished second to Cagle after spinning in turn three on the final lap.

Dave was the Sprint Car Champion in 1970 at Golden Gate Speedway, Sunshine Speedway Sprint Car Champion in 1982. He also set the track record at Sunshine in sprints in 1978 with a 13.87 lap time. Dave was also the DeSoto Sprint Champ in 1979.


  Dave at DeSoto


Dave at age 29 at Palm Beach in 1966


Dave in 1972 at Golden Gate Speedway in George Becker's sprint

Dave Scarborough won the Late Model Championship at Inverness in 1986 and also 1988, 1989, and 1990. During his years of domination at Inverness he would say about the track  'If you're not hanging your right rear tire just off the pavement coming out of [turn] two, you ain't running right here."

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