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July 14, 1999

                   Leo Musgrave Memorial
                      7/3/1918  to  8/11/1983
Leo Musgrave moved from Ohio in 1949 to dairy farm in the Sunshine State. Being a big race fan Leo Musgrave had the foresight to build  the racing facility known as the Sunshine Speedway. After the original Howard Franklin Bridge, spanning upper Tampa Bay between St. Peterburg and Tampa, was built he saw that many of the fans going to the existing Tampa tracks were from Pinellas County.

He started construction of the speedway in 1959 and opened it on January 23, 1960. The speedway is still family owned and operated by Bonnie and Frank Hill. Son-in-law Frank is the General Manager and promoter of Sunshine Speedway.

Over the years Leo Musgrave's vision has shown through with Sunshine Speedway being one of the most successful tracks in the country.

The Memorial race has been held since 1984 to the present. 


Dwayne Dempsey, 1999 Leo Musgrave Memorial winner and Sunshine Speedway owner Bonnie Hill. Dempsey used a borrowed car to take the win.

  Leo Musgrave Memorial 

1984:  Dave Breakfield
1985   Dave Breakfield
!986:   Jimmy Cope
1987:  Jimmy Cope
1988:  Jimmy Cope
1989:  Was run as Twin 50's with Jimmy Cope winning the first event and
Mike Cope the second
1990:  Dave Dunkin
1991:  Jimmy Cope
1992:  Dwayne Dempsey
1993:  Jimmy Cope
1994:  Johnny Stanford
1995:  Mike Franklin
1996:  Dave Pletcher
1997:  Dwayne Dempsey
1998:  Sam Coghill
1999: Dwayne Dempsey

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