Bill Posey's dragster

Bill Posey  was once owner of the old Eau Gallie race track in Melbourne.  Bill is now  a State Representative for Dist. 32 in the Florida legislature. The photographs on the following pages are from his personal collection. Most of the small photos can be clicked on to show you a full screen shot, accompanied with descriptions provided by Bill. These vintage racing shots are unedited right out of his shoebox.  Enjoy!

Ernie Bass
Bill Enters
Buster Standridge and others
Ray Snodgrass
#88 is the Early Model of Donnie Tanner, #18 is Clyde Bembry & #35 is Leroy Porter
A mess at Eau Gallie
Some of the first
Dumont Smith's flipped Late Model on the EGS backstretch
Some mid-60's early models at EGS
1969 Eau Gallie Speedway
Bill Posey owned the track and was the announcer at the time this was taken.

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