Florida Governor's Cup 2000

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72 of Mike Franklin is readied 84 out in front 89 Pontiac 96- Jack Cook B.J. McLeod during practice and blown motor
72 of Mike Frank... 84 out in front.jpg 89 Pontiac.jpg 96- Jack Cook.jpg B.J. McLeod duri...
Barry Willoughby Barry Willoughby -2 Barry Willoughby intro Billy Bigley Billy Bigley -37
Barry Willoughby... Barry Willoughby... Barry Willoughby... Billy Bigley.jpg Billy Bigley -37...
Billy Mowery intro Bruce Lawrence Bruce Lawrence intro Collins and fan Cope in practice
Billy Mowery int... Bruce Lawrence.jpg Bruce Lawrence i... Collins and fan.jpg Cope in practice...
David Rogers - crew meeting David Rogers and his Dodge head out David Rogers intro David Russell David Russell follows Jonny Kay
David Rogers - c... David Rogers and... David Rogers int... David Russell.jpg David Russell fo...
David Russell intro Dick Anderson Dick Anderson accepts second place Dick Anderson during practice Dick Anderson in the Pits
David Russell in... Dick Anderson.jpg Dick Anderson ac... Dick Anderson du... Dick Anderson in...
Dick Anderson waits Doc McKinney Drawdy Eric Black Hank Sanders introduces Wayne Anderson
Dick Anderson wa... Doc McKinney.jpg Drawdy.jpg Eric Black.jpg Hank Sanders int...
introductions Jack Cook Jack Cook preparing for the 2000 Cup race Jeff Emery Jimmy Cope
introductions.jpg Jack Cook.jpg Jack Cook prepar... Jeff Emery.jpg Jimmy Cope.jpg
Joe Fitos Joe Fitos -63 John Lovelady Jonathan Brown Jonathan Brown in practice
Joe Fitos.jpg Joe Fitos -63.jpg John Lovelady.jpg Jonathan Brown.jpg Jonathan Brown i...
Justin Drawdy Kevin Gillum Kittleson's hood Lee Collins Lee Collins chats with a fan
Justin Drawdy.jpg Kevin Gillum.jpg Kittleson's hood... Lee Collins.jpg Lee Collins chat...
Lee Collins intro Lee Collins with the new Pontiac Mac Johnson Mike Franklin Jr. intro Mike Good
Lee Collins intr... Lee Collins with... Mac Johnson.jpg Mike Franklin Jr... Mike Good.jpg
Mike Good intro Mike Williams Pete Orr with friends qualifying lineup qualifying lineup2
Mike Good intro.jpg Mike Williams.jpg Pete Orr with fr... qualifying lineu... qualifying lineu...
Randy Fox intro Ricky Marshall-44 Robert Hart -owner of New Smyrna Speedway Rogers starting grid
Randy Fox intro.jpg Ricky Marshall-4... Robert Hart -own... Rogers.jpg starting grid.jpg
Steven Weaver the cope team at work Tim Root -19 Travis Kittleson-crew hard at work View of the pits
Steven Weaver.jpg the cope team at... Tim Root -19.jpg Travis Kittleson... View of the pits...
Wayen Anderson in the pits Wayne Anderson converses Wayne Jefferson Wayne Jefferson before the race Wayne Jefferson intro
Wayen Anderson i... Wayne Anderson c... Wayne Jefferson.jpg Wayne Jefferson ... Wayne Jefferson ...
Wendell Overstreet
Wendell Overstre...

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