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Motorheads Directory of MotorSports

September 20, 2009

Danny "Double Down" Vogel, Jr. Tops Both Mini Stock Features at Volusia Speedway Park


Barberville, FL (September 19, 2009) It was perfect weather at Volusia Speedway Park Saturday night. No dark clouds, no thunder, no lightning, plenty of cars in the pits and fans in the stands. But you would have thought a full moon hung overhead with the craziness of the night but it was only the next to last points race of the season.

In the pits, Rob Underwood lost his run for the Modified championship. One of his crew members wanted to fight another racer over a race several weeks ago. Underwood did nothing wrong but a racer is responsible for his crew at all times. Those are the rules and they apply to all teams, therefore, Underwood was not allowed to race Saturday night or to race the last points race next week where he had a good chance of winning the Modified Championship for 2009. Also suspended was James Smith, the other Modified driver who was involved.

"Rules are rules," said General Manager Tonya Moschell. "I feel awful for Rob but the rulebook states that all drivers are held responsible for their crews action and I have gone by those rules all year. I know how hard Rob has worked for this Championship but I can't let these things happen and have no consequences. I am just very sorry that it happened right at the end of the season and Rob must now pay for it."

"Whenever points get down to the final weeks, I know tempers can flare and drivers lose their cool along with their crew. What happens one night at the racetrack needs to be over that night. Paybacks are never good and as Rob and James have learned, can cost you dearly."

On a happier note, the third time was the CHARM for the Mini Stock division. Having been rained out August 1st and then again last weekend, they finally saw their rainout feature run and also their regular race for the night. Winning both races, Danny Vogel, Jr. has now earned a new nickname, "Double Down" Danny. Vogel was trying for three wins as he also drove his Sportsman but was happy to settle for two and a $1,000 in his pocket for both wins.

On the pole for the rainout feature was Scott Mooers. But as the green flag waved, it was Dan Kerr who took the point over Mooers, Nick Kerr, Calvin Christian, and Tommy Saunders. Nick Kerr passed Mooers for second as Vogel worked his way to fourth and then third followed by Saunders and Mooers. With it Dan Kerr and Nick Kerr in the top two, they quickly built a ten car lead over the rest of the field.

Lap 7 Vogel has had enough of third and challenges Nick Kerr for second and takes it putting Nick Kerr in third. Suddenly on lap 8, it is evident that Nick Kerr has problems with his No. 75 Mini Stock and slows on top of the backstretch bringing out the yellow. Not a good sign as Nick was running third.

With Dan Kerr on the inside and Vogel on the outside, the green comes back out as Kerr once again takes the point over Vogel, Christian, Saunders, and Mooers. Travis Staats puts the heat on Mooers and takes over fifth. Staats then sets his sight on Saunders for fourth but Saunders wants nothing to do with the challenge and shuts the door.

Vogel has now has his fill of looking at the bumper of Kerr and on lap 13 takes over the point followed by Kerr, Christian, Saunders and Travis Staats. By lap 16, Staats has taken over fourth from Saunders but in the next lap Saunders fights back and retakes his fourth place spot putting Travis Staats back to fifth. With no cautions, Danny Vogel, Jr. takes the checkered followed by Dan Kerr, Calvin Christian, Tommy Saunders, and Travis Staats.

Heat races were run next with Drew Smith, Aaron Barsness and Garret Stewart taking the Sportsman wins. PJ Wiggins and Dale Murray topped the Modified heats. Steve Mooers, Grady Christian and Kevin Durden took the Street Stock heats as Calvin Christian and Travis Staats won the Mini Stock heats. Scott Mooers and Donnie Nobles topped the Thunder Stock heats with returning Tony Laporta and Gilbert Epsy taking the 4 Cylinder Challenger heats. Now it was time to get down to business and the feature races.

Shaun Daugharty had the pole for the Sportsman feature with Shane Nichols on the outside. Daugharty took the point on the green followed by Nichols, Corey Holley, Danny Vogel, Jr., and Garret Stewart. The caution comes out on lap 1 for Levi Cribbs who spun. Daugharty takes the inside, Nichols the outside for the restart as Daugharty once again holds the point over Nichols, Holley, Vogel, and Stewart.

Drew Smith puts the heat on Stewart and takes over fifth and before you can blink an eye is in second. Smith begins to challenge Daugharty just as the caution comes out for Paul Shead who has heavy damage to the frontend of his car from a tire going down and putting him into the wall. Shead limbs his way to the pits, done for the night.

Daugharty on the inside, Smith on the outside but a bad start brings them right back to yellow. On the second try, Daugharty once again takes the point over Smith, Holley, Nichols, and Barsness. tAs Daugharty and Smith go side-by-side for first, Barsness passes Nichols and Holley and takes over third. Smith takes the lead followed by Holley, Daugharty, Barsness, and Vogel. Suddenly Smith shows alittle smoke from his machine but continues on even after alittle sideways action.

Ken Hall, Jr. retires the No. 03 to the pits on lap 10 as Smith leads the way over Barsness, Holley, Vogel and Daugharty. Lap 11 sees Barsness challenge for the point but Smith shuts the door. Four laps later, lap 15, Barsness looks once again but Smith shuts the door. But on lap 16, Barsness makes the pass, it works, and Barsness is the new leader followed by Smith, Holley, Vogel, and Stewart.

After having a very good run, Smith is off the trac on lap 17. Barsness continues to lead the way over Holley, Vogel, Stewart and Ken Hall, Sr. Barsness takes the checkered for his first feature win followed by Corey Holley, Danny Vogel, Jr., Garret Stewart, and Ken Hall, Sr.

Barsness is twenty two years old and from St. Augustine. The car he won with was brand new, never been on the track before. Barsness thanked his dad and everyone who helps him on the car. Barsness's sponsor also sponsors the webcast that fans can see free on the internet thru tvshowcaster. Incredible Pizza is the proud sponsor of Aaron Barsness and www.tvshowcaster.com which you can watch every Saturday night on the web free of charge.

Up next were the Modifieds with Jamie Carter on the pole and Don Rollison, Jr. on the outside pole. Carter takes the point over Jason Davis, Larry Burkins, Rollison, and Dale Murray on the green. Murray quickly puts the heat on Rollison and takes over fourth as Rollison goes to fifth.

Jason Davis never has all four wheels on the ground and on lap 6, sails around Carter for the point. It is now Davis, Carter, Burkins, Murray, PJ Wiggins, Charlie Macnichol, Rollison, Mark Buie and Tim Brown. Davis spends no time in building up a fifteen car lead over Carter and the rest of the field. Lap 7 sees Wiggins go into the pits as the caution comes out on lap 8 for Tim Brown who has stopped at the top of turn 3. Brown is towed into the pits, done for the night.

Halfway has been reached calling for a single file restart as Davis leads the way over Carter, Burkins, Murray, and Macnichol. Carter challenges Davis but Davis shuts the door. Macnichol challenges Murray but Murray shuts the door. Davis again builds up a ten car lead over the field as Davis takes the checkered for the win over Jamie Carter, Larry Burkins, Charlie Macnichol, and Dale Murray.

Pat Buckley had the pole for the Street Stock race with Patrick Williams on the outside. Buckley and Williams go side-by-side for the point on the green as Williams dominates and takes the point followed by Buckley, Phil Brown, Steve Mooers, and James Smith. Kevin Durden wastes no time and moves into second followed by Brown, Grady Christian, and Mooers. The caution comes out on lap 3 as the No. 17 of William Medders loses sheet metal everywhere. Mike Eubanks, Dalton Lanich, and Scott Haas all get together coming off turn 4 trying to avoid the flying sheet metal.

The green comes out again as Williams once again leads the way over Brown, Christian, Buckley and Mooers. Phil Brown brings out the caution on lap 4 as he hits the frontstretch wall hard. Another restart with Williams leading the way over Christian, Buckley, Mooers, and Durden but it is a short green. D.J. Nobles brings out the red as he is on top of his roof at the bottom of turn 4. Nobles comes out of the upside down car and is fine. If you recall, his father was also upside down in almost the same spot not too long ago. A Nobles family tradition it seems.

With 13 cars left on lap 4, Williams once again takes the point on the green followed by Mooers, Buckley, Christian and Durden. Christian and Durden both pass Buckley as they take over third and fourth and Buckley settles into fifth. By lap 5, Christian has taken over the lead followed by Mooers, Williams, Durden, and Buckley.

Suddenly on lap 6, Williams spins in turn 4. Williams rejoins the field in the rear for the restart. With Christian on the inside, Mooers on the outside, Christian takes the point over Durden, Mooers, Tim Hughes, and Buckley. Mooers passes Durden for second as Macnichols passes Buckley for fifth. Durden looks to take back second but Mooers quickly shuts the door on Durden. At the halfway point, it is Christian, Mooers, Durden, Hughes and Macnichol leading the way.

After having a very good run for the night, Buckley sees all his good work go up in smoke on lap 11. Buckley takes in the No. 34, done for the night. Christian continues to lead the way over Mooers, Durden, Hughes and Macnichol. Jeff Miller slows and takes his hurt machine off the track. Christian continues to lead the way although Mooers gives it his all and tries to pass Christian but Christian shuts the door.

Just as they are coming to the checkered on the last lap, Dalton Lanich spins in turn 4 as Christian takes yet another checkered flag and claims the 2009 Street Stock Championship for Volusia Speedway Park. Steve Mooers comes home second followed by Kevin Durden, in another brand new car of the night, Tim Hughes, and Charlie Macnichol.

Charlie Staats had the pole for the regular Mini Stock feature with Tommy Saunders on the outside. Staats takes the point on the green followed by Saunders, Nick Kerr, Travis Staats, and Danny Vogel, Jr. The caution comes out on lap 1 for Calvin Christian who has spun. Christian rejoins the field in the rear for the restart as Charlie Staats leads the way over Travis Staats, Vogel, Saunders, and Keith Briggs. Vogel takes over the point followed by Travis Staats who quickly challenges Vogel but Vogel will have nothing to do with it. Vogel continues to lead the way over Travis Staats, Saunders, Kerr, and Charlie Staats.

The caution comes out on lap 6 for Dean Kinsey who has spun in turn 2. With Vogel on the inside and Travis Staats on the outside, Vogel once again takes the point over Staats, Kerr, Saunders, and Christian. Lap 7 sees Ricky Riedel go to the pits. Lap 9 sees Scott Mooers and Keith Briggs locked together coming off turn 4. The drivers are alittle heated and security quickly gets to them preventing any kind of altercation. The cars are pulled apart, both done for the night.

Single file restart as Vogel leads the way over Staats, Kerr, Saunders, and Christian. With no further cautions, Danny Vogel, Jr., who is newly nicknamed "Double Down" Danny, takes the checkered for his second Mini Stock win of the night over Travis Staats, Calvin Christian, Nick Kerr and Tommy Saunders.

Ten Thunder Stocks took the green as Matthew Schell lead from green to checkered. Michael Rood brings out the caution on lap 1 as he spins on the frontstretch from a left rear tire down. Courtney Eubanks dusts the No. 10 car as she goes around him after the spin but is fine. With Schell on the inside and Donnie Nobles on the outside for the restart, Schell takes the point over Eddie Tovet, Nobles, Eubanks, and Scott Mooers. It is obvious that Mooers has a tire rubbing and it is only a matter of time before it goes.

Lap 2 sees Justin Merry spin between turns 1 and 2. Rood rejoins the field after going in for a tire change. It is a single file restart as Schell leads the way over Tovet, Nobles, Mooers, and Eubanks. Another caution comes out on lap 3 for Jamie Anderson who has spun at the bottom of turn 4. Schell once again takes the point over Tovet, Nobles, Mooers and Eubanks.

Just as expected, Mooers right rear tire goes down on lap 4 but he is able to get off the track without bringing out the yellow. Schell continues to lead the way over Tovet, Nobles, Eubanks, and Skip Land. Brian Brogan has problems and goes into the pits but not without giving Rood a slight heart attack. Brogran pulls off right in front of the hard charging Rood, barely missing each other.

Schell continues to lead the way and takes the checkered followed by Eddie Tovet, Donnie Nobles, Skip Land, and Courtney Eubanks.

Last but not least, the 4 Cylinder Challengers take the field with Danny Lunn on the pole and Thomas Parker on the outside pole. In the field is the old points leader Tony Laporta who has returned after a brief period off to take care of his aging mother. Lunn quickly takes the point over RJ Glaser, Dalton Strehle, Laporta and Parker. Laporta wastes no time in passing Strehle for third as Davey Wolf passes Parker for fifth.

One by one, Laporta takes over and is heading towards the front and nothing is stopping him. By lap 3, Laporta leads the way over Lunn, Strehle, Glaser, and Wolf. Glaser gets loose and slides backwards ending up in sixth. Laporta begins to sail away over the rest of the field.

Lap 5 sees Dalton Strehle slow and stop in turn 2. Strehle goes into the pits for some crew attention and returns to the field in the rear. Laporta on the outside, Lunn on the inside for the restart as Laporta takes the point over Lunn, Wolf, Glaser, and Epsy. Epsy passes Glaser for fourth as Glaser settles into fifth.

The caution comes out on lap 7 for Hank Goodrich who is stuck at the pit exit. Goodrich is able to refire but Leonard Underwood, Jr. has problems and seems to have lost a wheel and maybe his axle. It is now a single file restart as Laporta leads the way over Lunn, Wolf, Glaser, and Strehle. Lap 11 sees the yellow for Gilbert Epsy who is at the top of turns 1 and 2 and in the wall. Epsy retires his ride to the pits.

Laporta once again leads the way on the restart followed by Lunn, Glaser, Wolf, and Strehle. Lap 12 sees Glaser go side-by-side with Lunn for second and takes it putting Lunn to third. It is now Laporta, Glaser, Lunn, Wolf and Strehle. Strehle makes a last minute move on Wolf and takes over fourth as Laporta takes the checkered followed by RJ Glaser, Danny Lunn, Dalton Strehle and Davey Wolf.

Next Saturday, September 26, it is the final night of the 2009 points season with Late Models, Modifieds, Sportsman, Street Stock, Thunder Stock and 4 Cylinder Challengers. Join us as we crown our 2009 Volusia Speedway Park Track Champions.

SEPTEMBER 19, 2009


1 11 Aaron Barsness
2 11C Corey Holley
3 99 Danny Vogel Jr.
4 67 Garret Stewart
5 3 Ken Hall Sr.
6 00 Shaun Daugharty
7 10 Steve Shead
8 64 Trevor Gamble
9 65 Shane Nichols
10 5 John (alan) Peacock
11 05 Dan Lane Sr
12 17H Blaise Hetznecker
13 17K Marc Kinley
14 83 Martin Johnson
15 29 Drew Smith
16 57P Joey Haslauer
17 95 Matt Mcgillivray
18 3C Levi Cribbs
19 03 Ken Hall Jr.
20 80 Paul Shead
21 57 Karl Heinz Haas
22 419 Derek Hullett DNS


1 145A Jason Davis
2 15X Jamie Carter
3 54B Larry Burkins
4 11 Charlie Macnichol
5 66 Dale Murray
6 88 Don Rollison Jr
7 410 P J Wiggins
8 90 Mark Buie
9 429 Tim Brown
10 40 James Smith DNS
11 77 Rob Underwood DNS


1 36 Grady Christian
2 95 Steve Mooers
3 56 Kevin Durden
4 54 Tim Hughes
5 12 Charlie Macnichol
6 11S James Smith
7 94 Justin Sirmons
8 56W Patrick Williams
9 2S Mick Kulak
10 96J Scott Haas
11 11L Dalton Lanich
12 28 Jeff Miller
13 34 Pat Buckley
14 13 Phillip Brown
15 20 D.j. Nobles
16 17M William Medders
17 18E Mike Eubanks
18 99 Danny Miller Jr. DNS
19 4 B Michael Tovet DNS
20 76 Italo Deblasi DNS
21 9 Bruce Birkitt DNS
22 7MC Dale Mckinney DNS
23 51 Steve Oldaker DNS
24 21 David Miller Jr. DNS


1 57 Matthew Schell
2 00 Eddie Tovet
3 17 Donnie Nobles
4 0 Skip Land
5 81 Courtney Eubanks
6 03 Robert Schrunk
7 D10 Michael Rood
8 18 Justin Merry
9 63 Brian Brogan
10 10 Scott Mooers
11 1 Jamie Anderson
12 07 Richard Calmes DNS


1 3T Tony Laporta
2 004 RJ Glaser
3 39.5 Danny Lunn
4 75S Dalton Strehle
5 48W Davey Wolf
6 11 David Ladrie
7 27S Alan Scott
8 B12 Brian Smith
9 5S Thomas Parker
10 6E Gilbert Espy
11 7 E Hank Goodrich
12 66 Leonard Underwood, Jr.
13 1X Jordan Myers
14 39 Gilford Williams DNS


1 99 Danny Vogel Jr.
2 1AR Travis Staats
3 63 Calvin Christian
4 73 Nick Kerr
5 09 Tommy Saunders
6 9AR Charlie Staats
7 77 Mark Taylor
8 K9 Mike Cawood
9 11Z Johnny Zackery
10 3D Dean Kinsey
11 44 Greg Bonynge
12 22E Mark Eldridge
13 19T Keith Briggs
14 10 Scott Mooers
15 36 Ricky Riedel
16 82X Blake Spencer DNS
17 55 Randy Strehle DNS
18 75 Nick Kerr DNS
19 74 Rob Underwood DNS


1 99 Danny Vogel, Jr.
2 73 Dan Kerr
3 63 Calvin Christian
4 09 Tommy Sanders
5 1AR Travis Staats
6 19T Keith Briggs
7 10 Scott Mooers
8 9AR Charlie Staats
9 36 Ricky Riedel
10 11Z Johnny Zachery
11 74 Rob Underwood
12 77 Mark Taylor
13 44 Greg Bonynge
14 82X Blake Spencer
15 75 Nick Kerr
16 3D Dean Kinsey
17 55 Randy Strehle
18 35G Brad Gill DNS
19 27s Alan Scott DNS
20 9 Tony White DNS
21 X Anthony Morris DNS

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